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Always little weird blowing your own trumpet, but here goes...

In my time so far I’ve made a talking cat collar to give cats a voice, created fake pigeon poo, made a newspaper for a cat, shot in the Arctic Circle in minus -20 and turned a baby into a boxer.

I’m driven and want to win Lions, pencils and bears, oh my!

I started my career at adam&eveDDB where I spent 5 and a half years, then a brief stint at MullenLowe London… now into the world of freelance.

In my spare time I screen print under the brand 'Colour Black'. My photographs and screenprints have been part of exhibitions in galleries across the country and bought by lots of lovely people- thanks lovely people!.

I love work that doesn’t feel like advertising - McWhopper, Meet Graham, The Swedish Number… what else can we create to help the world and solve its problems?

Question, question, question everything. What needs to change? How can you help someone? What else can we create? How do you get on the news? What’s for tea? How much more should I write? How do you know if this is enough?

Thanks. Dan.


Watford Advertising Course
Falmouth College of Arts BA Hons Degree
Screenprinter at Print Club London
Swimming Lesson Certified to a non drowning stage, (almost)