Things that would have been made if the stars aligned:
NHS Shoes / Crisis Stamps / Marmite Gene

NHS Shoes

The most important shoe was bought and production and initial shooting had started. The shoe was being created with DUNE London up until Covid put a permanent pause to it.

This was a shoe specifically designed for the life of a nurse and NHS staff. The long hours, the mess and the pain and injuries they currently suffer due to insufficent footwear. There is no standard issue for the NHS surprisingly so we were looking to change that by creating 'The Most Important Shoe'.


A set of stamps to help give homeless people an address. Crisis were on board but we couldn't get it off the ground running with Royal Mail due to them already having their own charity partners they work with and not being open to creating these with crisis.

Real homesless people art directed in the same style as the queen on stamps, with stories about them on the reverse of the stamp too.


We had the same idea and presented the idea of the Marmite gene detector at the same time as another team, but the other team wrote a script quicker that the CD liked. Que sera sera. Onwards and upwards…